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Seriously though, I urge you all to remember that the minimal time before you can make jokes about something and have it not be “too soon” is roughly 28 years.

Also if you’re looking for a blog where you’re encouraged to direct the story, might I recommend:


My schedule may be changing up a bit in the near future. I’ve got a new job and I don’t yet know it’s full impact. On the good end, the change to my budget means I’ll likely be doing the RPG contest. I’ll have my final say on this at the end of August, once I’ve had time to figure out my schedule. So fingers crossed, schedulke may change, contest is probably on.

Children please stop reading this comment.

fuck you hands, fuck you hands, FUCK YOU HANDS!! FUCK YOU HAAAAANDS!!!

((Please note: mod is not actually that mad about those kinds of asks, he is that angry at hands. Grrrr hands))

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Random Fact

Sorry about the delays, the past few days have been rather crowded with gaming, mostly table top, mostly rpgs.

Random Red Fact #5: Red lost his virginity to a vampire.

Random Red Fact #5a: He did not know she was a vampire at the time.

Random Red Fact #5b: He only found out the morning after.

Random Red Fact #5c: That part was really awkward.

Random Fact

Random Red Fact #4: Red’s immediate family cutiemarks and their explanations:

  • Brown Spiral ((Father)): Small swirled glass globe, represents his expertise in glass blowing.
  • Glen of Aces ((Mother)): Antelope, no cutiemark.
  • Lily Spiral ((Sister)): Spiral Galaxy, represents her knowledge and love of astronomy.
  • Red Spiral: Actual cutiemark hasn’t appeared yet.

If any of that is confusing, feel free to ask about it,

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The next step lower is making monsters cry.
The next step is getting that reference.
The bottom step is fully occupied by television producers.

Random Fact

Random Red Fact #3: Red’s direct kill count is in triple digits, his indirect kills have long ago reached the billions.

This is mostly due to shopkeepers being indirectly responsible for the things they sell and that more than a few can destroy entire planets.



Need a backstory written up? How about that fight that defined your OC? Who was that great love of your character’s life? What were they like? Here is your chance to see your idea brought to literary life! I am willing to work with you to write these stories!

I can give you SFW or NSFW! If you want that brutal, bloody, limb-ripping, gut-pulling fight to the death, I can write that! Need that hot, kinky, messy yet romantic smut? I can deliver it! Just remember that the characters involved in the blogs are currently off limits for such stories (sorry)

For any story written, you have the option of them being for public or private enjoyment. The choice is yours.

Prices will be negotiated depending on intricacy and length of the material requested, but this is the general breakdown. For those wondering why this is because not all stories and subjects are created equal and take varying levels of skill to address.

Price Info:

$2/page* - consisting mostly of dialogue, light descriptions/subject matter. Consider this also my form of ‘sketch work’. Example

$5/page* - consisting of mix of dialogue and light action (action defined as detailed actions like light combat, moderately detailed physical actions). Example (NSFW)

$10/page* - Epic Battle Pages, these are pure action in detail yet edited to maintain pacing. The high price comes from the great amount of detail, effort and time it takes to craft these. Example (NSFW)

$10/page* - NSFW ‘Action’ Pages (self-explanatory; no scat or minors) Example (NSFW)

(*=pages in this sense would be a 12 font on a word processing program. I am purely a writer, so please go to credited artists in the examples for commissions of visual works.)

This is the current commission’s price list. To keep things reasonable and respectable while allowing for the finished work’s price to be kept tally of, I request that half be paid first to secure the commission (after a price is agreed upon), and then the rest will be paid as when it is finished. That can be no more than 25% increase in length (with appropriate charge) without a confirmed renegotiation which I will screenshot for record keeping. I reserve the right to evaluate larger works as I see fit. I don’t want anyone getting shafted…least of all me.

As for rewrites, if you insist on it and cannot provide a reasonable, justifiable cause, then I reserve the right to charge accordingly. If you provide a good reason though then we can talk. I’m a reasonable guy. Just say something sooner as to avoid time consuming delays.

With all the nagging rules-y stuff out of the way, you’ve hopefully read what I can do. There’s a variety of links to the stories. Have a look and see if you’d like to have some of those skills put to use for you! Even if you can’t help out financially then please reblog and spread the word!


That’s right, for those who want a little more…well it’s here now…there are art options to go with stories!

View above images for pricing! Alte Seele is my commissions partner, so be sure to thank her for the visual works!

Mod: Just putting this up as a reminder that commissions are welcome and donations go to assisting in forwarding the main story! Mod needs money so he’s working hard to get what he can and part of that means having to budget writing time. Help out by commissioning or donating today!

Donations will get honorable mentions (with links unless they wish to be anonymous) in main story posts! I know it’s been a while since one but that kind of happens when you try to tell a big story, need money and have to budget your time. But long time followers know how dogged I can be. They remember As the World Burns. While it can take time…the story will be told if I can help it.

I just need some assistance to bring you the NSFW, grimdark entertainment that brought many of you here originally, and I’m working hard to do so.

Reblogs are welcome so feel free to spread the word!

Shhh.. nobody tell him. I’m boosting his signal

That’s clear right? The use of boosting as slang for theft is common enough for that joke, right?

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Every so often i try something different and learn a lesson, in this case I learned that I still should never draw anything in profile because it looks awful.

And because this question is something I wanted to answer but no one will ever ask: How is May in Rapture? She isn’t, I maintain the ghosts in rapture are projected from ones own internal psyche, and right now Red’s internal psyche is a bit caddywhumpus with bees and mind altering magics.

Random Fact

Random red Fact #2: Red has an approximate 35 illegitimate children, he knows about one.

The one he does know about is an arenea named Agate Weave.